Thanks to our years of experience in the transportation industry we offer the highest quality service available.Our services include:

Drayage Services from Port Everglades and Port of Miami.

Transporting 20', 40' and 45' containers to and from Seaports

Drayage Services from FEC (Florida East Coast) South Florida Terminals

Transporting 45’, 48’ and 53’ containers to and from Railway Terminals.

Local Pick Up & Delivery

Cargo deliveries in the 3 main South Florida counties.

Cargo Vans

For small cargo, packages and document pick-ups.

26' Trucks with Lift Gate

For LTL cargo transportation and no docking sites we offer lift gate service.

53' Trailer

For FTL cargo transportation.

U.S Customs Bonded Carrier

In-bond shipments transportation.

TSA License Approved

Licensed to transport cargo to and from airports.

Flat Bed

For transportation of Oversized cargo and Machinery.

Hazmat Transportation

Fully trained and licensed personnel able to transport wide variety of hazardous materials to and from ports, airports and locally..

Our team will help you solve all your transportation needs, coordinating each and every step of your cargos movement. All our trucks come with GPS tracking devices to ensure your cargos safety.